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Accredited Courses

Year 1 – Diploma of Leadership (Higher Education)*

Year 2 – Associate Degree of Ministry (Higher Education)*

*The above mentioned awards are available as part of the Chapel College  Internship Program. Students enrolling in this courses are enrolling with Alphacrucis College (AC) as online students.
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New Christians Course

At NLC, we want to support you in your journey to know Christ personally. Whether you’ve made your decision at one of our Sunday services, or have literally just made the decision now, we are so excited for you!


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Holy Bible

Want to find greater purpose or get a deeper understanding of The Bible?

Here at NLC, we want to empower you to develop your leadership skills, while discovering your purpose and making a difference in the body of Christ.

Studying on the Grass

Empowered to Lead

Through the introduction of foundational principles for personal and professional leadership, ministry and theology, you will be equipped to lead in your area of influence, whilst being grounded in a robust Biblical and Theological foundation. You will be given the opportunity to practice Christian leadership principles in your chosen ministry stream and in a cross-cultural mission trip, solidifying theoretical principles with practical experience.

Upon completion of the Leadership Diploma at Higher Education level, you will have:

  • Read through the entire Bible

  • Developed a dynamic and intimate relationship with God

  • Established fundamental knowledge in Biblical Studies and Christian Theology

  • Gained mastery in personal and organizational leadership principles

  • Practiced experiential leadership within your chosen stream (Full time students only)




Equip Yourself With Truth


Empower Yourself For Life
Encounter Christ


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I loved doing college and learnt so much. It really developed my walk with God and it is such great knowledge to have in any stage of life.


It's not just an education of the Bible. I got to experience impartation and revelation like never before . My walk with God will never be the same.


College really grounded me in Gods word and helped me grow strong in my faith. Learning how to study the Bible for myself was life changing.