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Accredited Courses

Diploma of Leadership*

Associate Degree of Ministry *

*The above mentioned awards are available as part of the Chapel College  Internship Program.
Students enrolling in this courses are enrolling with Alphacrucis College (AC) as online students.

I wanted to do bible college as my gap year and was so excited to have the opportunity to do it in Wodonga. I was able to look at the bible holistically and develop a better understanding of how the different teachings apply to my life. The lectures were filled with great content and challenged me to apply what I had learnt to my own leadership. I would truly encourage anyone who is thinking about college to sign up. It is definitely time well spent.

diploma of LEADERSHIP

Semester 1

BIB102     Introduction to the Old Testament
THE005    Introduction to Theology
LEA005    Leadership Principles (Intensive)
EXP001    Professional Practice (Internship)

Semester 2

BIB103     Introduction to the New Testament
LEA004    Personal Leadership
LEA002    Public Speaking (Intensive)
ACA001   Faith and Purpose (Intensive)

My college experience was great. After I finished High School, I knew God had called me to a life of ministry. I signed up for Bible college. During college, I made lifelong friends that cheered me on and helped me grow in my ministry life. I am now serving in a leadership position at my church. All the lessons that I learnt from doing college and especially my internship have shaped me into the parson that I am today.

Do Bible College! It will change your life.


Semester 2

BIB252     Prison Epistles
THE202    Christ & Salvation
THE201    Christian Ethics (Intensive)
EXP301     Advanced Professional Practice (Internship)

Semester 1

HIS101     History of Christianity
MIN102   Christian Spirituality
RES101    Academic Writing & Research (Intensive)
BIB292     Biblical Interpretation (Intensive)

Full Time – 1 Year per course

• 2 x 2 Hour sessions per week
• 1-2 x Weekend Intensive per semester
• 1 x Day of Internship with 1:1 Mentoring
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Part Time – 2+ Years per course

• 1 x 2 Hour evening session per week
• Choice of Internship and/or Weekend Intensives
(You choose how much you want to study)

Fee help is available on accredited options. Conditions apply.

Lecture Only (Audit)

• You choose which subjects you want to study
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2022 DATES


Semester 1

28 February – 20 June 2022
Applications Close: 14 February

Semester 2

25 July – 5 December 2022
Applications Close: 11 July

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