Building a relationship with God from a young age is so important and so is maintaining that relationship as they grow from Children into Teens.


Which is why our Chapel Kids program is so important. Our aim to to Champion Jesus Christ in the lives of our youth groups and equip them with the beliefs and skills to trust in the Bible and guide them through their lives..... while having a heap of fun along the way.

High Life is a Youth Ministry that is on fire in the name of Jesus Christ that enables teens to know who they are personally and how they can find strength to call upon the power of Christ through His Holy Spirit in the day to day challenges they face.

Encountering God and empowering teens to take on life with confidence, building life long friendships and having a whole heap of fun along the way!

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The Uni Students, Young Professionals and Young Leaders of NLC. Our vision is for every young adult in our city and region to encounter Christ

NLC Connect groups create places of belonging and for people who want to grow in their walk/relationship with Jesus. They involve food, fun and friendship alongside great conversations.

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NLC Mens Ministry creates an environment where men can gather, building great friendships and providing support. Our aim is to challenge and encourage each other to achieve our goals and ultimate purpose in life. Together we rediscover our masculine hearts and become real men of courage and character in faith.

NLC Women are an integral part of our church. Leaders in Prayer and Praise, we meet in various groups and do life together in ways that equip and empower  the women of this great region to lift the name of God while supporting each other.

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